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Anthrax Discuss the Belladonna/Bush Swap in New Retrospective Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

The latest episode of Anthrax’s ongoing Anthrax 40 for 40 anniversary retrospective series brings us to a very dramatic point in the band’s career: the firing of longtime singer Joey Belladonna in 1992, and the subsequent hiring of his successor, Armored Saint’s John Bush.

At the risk of getting all Jonathan Schwartz-y on you… this episode punched my nostalgia ticket and but hard.

I was eleven when Bushthrax’s debut, Sound of White Noise, came out. I’d been listening to metal for about a year, and I of course knew who Anthrax were and had seen their infamous Married… with Children appearance. But through circumstance, Sound of White Noise was the first Anthrax album I ever purchased (I even remember where I purchased it — J&R, R.I.P.). I listened to it for the first time on the bus on the way to sleepaway camp for the summer. The record rocked my little pre-pubescent world. I got super pissed when a counselor tried to get me to take of my headphones mid-listen.

I’ve accepted that John Bush is Anthrax’s Roger Moore, not their Sean Connery. But I will forever carry Bushthrax’s torch, and I maintain now and for all time that Sound of White Noise is their best album.

And on that note… watch the episode below!

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Anthrax have a career-spanning livestream extravaganza scheduled for July 16, which is their fortieth anniversary to the date. Getcha ticket here.

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