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Video: Death Metal Band Performs for Elementary School Students


Earlier this year we introduced MetalSucks readers to Philippe Drouin, a right-handed metal guitarist who taught himself to play left-handed after a car accident left him unable to pick with his right hand. It took Drouin three years and an estimated 7,000 hours of practice, but his band, Obvurt, finally released their debut EPThe Beginning, in March, featuring Drouin’s left-handed prowess.

Now, several months later, Philippe has made his left-handed live debut. But it was no ordinary debut: the audience consisted of the students at Saint-Albert-Le-Grand Elementary School! Drouin and Obvurt performed at the school, where he teaches music, last Wednesday, June 23.

Predictably, the students looked to be having an absolute blast while Obvurt cranked through their brand of catchy technical death metal. While some experimented with metal hand signs and their best attempts at head-banging they likely learned from TV or an older sibling, most aren’t quite sure what to do with their bodies… which results in a whole lot of jumping, spinning, hand-waving and leg-kicking. It’s pure, it’s innocent, and it’s beautiful!

Watch below. The Beginning is available at Obvurt’s Bandcamp page.

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