Enlarge He worked at an L.A. County COVID clinic for four months.

Buckcherry’s Josh Todd is a Certified Phlebotomist Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

What would you do if you went to get tested for COVID-19 and the guy from fucking Buckcherry came over to draw your blood? Would you freak the fuck out (in a bad way)? I’d freak the fuck out (in a bad way).

Apparently, this very nightmare scenario became a reality for some Los Angelenos: Josh Todd recently revealed to Eddie Trunk that the singer “became a certified phlebotomist during the lockdown, and I served L.A. County for four months out at a COVID clinic.”

And how, pray tell, did this decision come about?

“I always became interested in it. I always go to Quest Diagnostics. I get my bloodwork annually there, because the best phlebotomists are there. I remember this one big, tall tattoed dude came out and drew my blood one time, and I literally didn’t even feel it; he was so good. And we started chatting, and I just became interested in it — a long time ago, way before the pandemic. And then I was just, like, ‘I’m gonna go learn this. I’m gonna learn it.’ And so I did it.”

Good for Todd, I guess? I mean, I take my car to Jiffy Lube, but I’ve never wanted to learn how to change a muffler. I applaud his natural curiosity.

Not that it took very much work for Todd to get certified:

“I went to a two-week program where you stick and you get stuck a lot by students. And then you’ve gotta take a national exam, and I did that as well, and I passed that. And then you get out in the field and do your thing. And that’s what I did for, like I said, four months out in downtown L.A.; I worked at a COVID clinic. And it was interesting.”

Honestly, I’m shocked they made Todd take a two-week course. I don’t know for a fact that the Buckcherry frontman has experience with heroin; I just get the distinct feeling he already knew how to tap a vein.

Buckcherry released a new album called Hellbound a coupla weeks ago. Yay.


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