Enlarge The unclassifiable band's remix album, Enjoy Yourself with Friends, is out August 6.

Exclusive Track Premiere: “Phone Tumor” (Shigeto Remix) By Melted Bodies


Enjoy Yourself, last year’s debuted from Melted Bodies, was one of the most delightfully batshit insane releases in recent memory. Melding grindcore, mathcore, noise rock, thrash, and pretty much whatever else the band felt like, Enjoy Yourself is a truly envelope-pushing endeavor that sounds like the rabid lovechild of Mike Patton and Serj Tankian. Little wonder that MetalSucks’ own beloved comments section moderator, Modtoid Man, named it his favorite album of 2020, praising Enjoy Yourself as “the soundtrack for the sickest Adult Swim cartoon you’ve never seen.”

Given how bonkers Enjoy Yourself is, you can only imagine what the band has in store for you on Enjoy Yourself with Friends, their upcoming remix album. Featuring re-imaginings of Enjoy Yourself tracks by artists like Xiu Xiu, Machine Girl, and One Child Policy, Enjoy Yourself with Friends takes an album that already breaks all the rules and pushes it even deeper into uncharted waters.

Take, for example, Shigeto’s remix of “Phone Tumor,” which we’re stoked to be debuting on MetalSucks today. The original song sounded like Rammstein writing their own soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis; Shigeto’s remix somehow turns it into a hypnotic EDM track so rave-ready it should come with glow sticks and MDMA. You’ve never heard anything like Melted Bodies before, and you’ve never heard Melted Bodies like this.

Check out Shigeto’s remix of “Phone Tumor” below. Below that, enjoy the visually mesmerizing, deeply unsettling music video for the deathscott Weird Cleanse remix of “Meatcleanse.”

Enjoy Yourself with Friends comes out August 6 on Plastic Bodies, and can be pre-ordered here. The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. “Eat Cops” (Maral remix)
  2. “99 Scents” (Xiu Xiu’s 99 Melted Shoes remix)
  3. “Ad People” (One Child Policy remix)
  4. “Funny Commercials” (deathscott remix)
  5. “The Five Week Migraine”
  6. “Club Anxious” (Machine Girl remix)
  7. “Club Anxious” (deathscott remix)
  8. “Phone Tumor” (Shigeto remix)
  9. “The Rat” (Nick Reinhart’s Acid Fab remix)
  10. “The Abbot Kinney Pedophiles” (Diamondstein’s Pure Violence remix)
  11. “Helplessness” (Fire-Toolz remix)
  12. “Meat Cleanse” (deathscott Weird Cleanse remix)
  13. “Meat Cleanse” (NMESH’s Wurst Remix Ever)

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