Enlarge On a recent episode of 'Sandwich Sunday' with noted metal chef Brian Tsao.

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Enjoyed a Delicious Sandwich


Sandwich #content is some of my favorite content of all! At this point I would really rather be writing about delicious ingredients placed between two slices of bread than some pretend-tough-guy grunting into a mic, ya know? Sandwiches are EXCITING! Think of that feeling when you order one at a deli and then you crack open the paper wrapping, sliced down the middle. Way better than some cliché chugged riffs or whatever. What’s more, they’re super innocent. Sandwiches! Enjoyable for all ages. The best.

Today my love of sandwiches collides with my occupation, as Killswitch Engage / Times of Grace vocalist Jesse Leach appeared on noted metal chef Brian Tsao’s YouTube channel where the two crafted up a mighty delicious looking lunch (or dinner, or even breakfast if that’s your thing! BE A REBEL).

Leach doesn’t eat meat, dairy or gluten, which makes this episode all the more interesting, utilizing creative ingredients you normally wouldn’t consider for a sandwich. Branzino, roasted corn, shallots and thyme are just a few of the flavors that make it in, but you’ll need to watch the full episode to find out the rest.

Watch below and give Chef Brian a follow here.

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