Enlarge Three and a half minutes of power metal-inflected fun.

Seven Spires Unveil Hella Catchy Ditty, “Lightbringer”


Seven Spires weren’t on my radar beyond basic name recognition until their latest single dropped yesterday, but they sure are now! All it takes to unlock my musical heart is a good hook, and ohhh lordee, do Seven Spires have ’em!

“Lightbringer,” which arrives with a music video (featuring a cameo by friend-of-MS Sonia!) is hella catchy, with an instantly singable chorus, and manages to be musically complex enough to please the prog nerds while still clocking in at just three and a half minutes. Power metal is the biggest defining influence, so if you can’t stand cheese maybe this isn’t for you, but for those of us who enjoy good times, you’re still reading… so give it a go.

The band comments:

“‘Lightbringer’ is a song about reveling in life’s fleeting pleasures, and indulging the parts of yourself that the world demonized. It was born from a love of Korean Pop Music, and in the context of the story of the album ‘Gods of Debauchery,’ it sees our detached anti-hero sailing from port to port, collecting a loyal crew of devotees without regard for the collateral damage left in their wake.”

Give the video a watch below. Gods of Debauchery comes out on September 10 via Frontiers Music SRL; pre-order here.

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