Limp Bizkit Will Release a New Album “Very Soon,” Song Leaks Imminent


After 10 years, Fred Durst will finally allow new music from Limp Bizkit to reach his fans’ ears “very soon,” according to a post on Instagram.

Just a few months after guitarist Wes Borland described Fred Durst as a “perfectionist” who kept recording, trashing and re-recording vocals on an estimated 35 otherwise finished new songs — he said Durst is “consistently kind of unsatisfied with where [the] vision is” — a new album from the band will finally appear in the near future.

Unfortunately, Durst, in his infinite wisdom, does not understand the meaning of the word “leak” as it pertains to music releases. It’s not “leaking” if the band themselves are the ones doing it, and this isn’t 2007 where so-called “leaks” were a thing people cared about.

Anyhoo, following “Dad Vibes,” a new song Limp Bizkit played over the PA at a live show earlier this month, the band canceled all their touring plans over Covid-19 safety concerns (rumor has it that bassist Sam Rivers, who is reportedly unvaccinated, contracted the virus while on tour… but we haven’t been able to verify that). And now, posting to Instagram stories, Limp Bizkit say they’ll be “leaking” more new songs “in rapid succession” followed by the full album release.

Here’s the important part:

“New songs will begin to leak, one after the other in rapid succession, very soon. Soon thereafter our new album will be released.”

Cool, I guess? I’d rather listen to Wes Borland’s solo material any day of the week, but I admit I’m morbidly curious to hear what Limp Bizkit 2k21 sounds like (more gratuitous uses of words like “f*g,” I’m certain.)

Mull that over and get hyped (or not) as you jam “Dad Vibes” below.

Limp Bizkit Will Release a New Album “Very Soon,” Song Leaks Imminent
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