Wes Borland’s (Limp Bizkit) New Solo Album, The Astral Hand, is Quite Good


It’s well established by now that Wes Borland, best known as the guitarist of Limp Bizkit, is a fantastically creative fellow whose solo work is endlessly fascinating, and that he shouldn’t be — and doesn’t want to be — defined by his day job. So I don’t need to hammer that point home yet again. Right? Cool.

So: Borland’s latest endeavor is a solo album titled The Astral Hand, which he surprise-released earlier this week. It serves as a conceptual follow-up to Crystal Machete, released in 2016, and features more or less the same sonic palette of keyboards, orchestras, synthwave beats, analogue synths and trippy guitar atmospherics as its predecessor. Unsurprisingly given Borland’s non-LB output, it’s quite good! It’s the kind of thing that’ll make the perfect soundtrack to your work day, your daily walk, your workout, your drive to the grocery store… anything really. The layers upon layers of sounds will both keep you focused and allow you to space out, whichever you prefer.

Give The Astral Hand a spin below.

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