Enlarge It's the first time the drummer has spotted in public since Eddie Van Halen died in October.

Rare Sighting of Alex Van Halen in the Wild

  • Axl Rosenberg

This past Friday, September 10, a Brazilian Van Halen fan channel on YouTube posted footage of Alex Van Halen cruising down the L.A. freeway in his new Porsche. They say the footage was filmed that same day, which, if it’s true, makes this the first time the drummer has been sighted in public since his brother and bandmate, Eddie Van Halen, passed away last October.

You can watch the video below. No idea how the hell they got it. Do they stalk Alex Van Halen? Did they get a tip that he’d be at a certain place at a certain time? Did he tip them off? And why, pray tell, is anyone anywhere still filming things vertically??? We may never know.

But if we take them at the word that the footage is real, yes, it is certainly nice to see Alex Van Halen out and about and enjoying life.

Also since you’re wondering, the car costs about $300,000.


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