Enlarge Gab is a haven for hate groups.

Hate Mongering Right-Wing Social Media Platform Welcomes Trapt with Open Arms

  • Axl Rosenberg

Shit-sipping no-talent nu-metal outfit Trapt, having been banned from all reputable social networks after frontman Chris Taylor Brown spent months spewing bigoted rhetoric, have, at last, found a social media platform willing to take them. It’s the same one favored by Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers, QAnon supporters, and Capital/#stopthesteal insurrectionists: Gab.

If you’ve never heard of Gab, this paragraph, from a recent report by Gizmodo, kinda tells you everything you need to know about the company:

“…hacker JaXpArO… easily retrieved records from 31,000 groups, 4 million accounts, and 39 million posts. The content reportedly shows (it was selectively shared with journalists and researchers) an extensive list of white nationalist and conspiracy-mongering users. Messages showed Gab CEO Andrew Torba recruiting anti-Semites and violent user threats in the chat logs such as ‘@666666: Just so you know, I’m going to terrorize and burn some Democrats places. Come bail me out.’”

The Gizmodo report goes on to note that when Congress requested “records of posts and messages related to election disinformation, planning an insurrection, violent domestic extremism, and foreign schemes to influence the election,” as well as “internal communications about the insurrection, and law enforcement requests for evidence, among other records,” Torba told them, in so many words, to go fuck themselves.

Trapt’s first spate of posts on Gab — which I’m assuming were all authored by Brown — are predominantly focused on continued efforts to recall the legal election of Joe Biden eight months after he took office (good luck with that, Chris) and grievances over other social media outlets banning him for hate speech. There’s also a prominent use of a white supremacist hand gesture in emoji form along with the use of a common Proud Boys slogan

Hate Mongering Right-Wing Social Media Platform Welcomes Trapt with Open Arms

…along with a post bitching about having to purchase products made outside of the U.S., and whatever this garble of nonsense strung together is supposed to mean:

Hate Mongering Right-Wing Social Media Platform Welcomes Trapt with Open Arms

Speaking of China, pretty sure that post was written in English, translated into Chinese using Google Translate, and then translated back into English using the same program. Either that or Brown was dropped on his head as a baby.

Interestingly, just yesterday, Mother Jones published this report:

“Epik, the domain registrar known for hosting far-right websites and social media services [including Gab] was recently hacked… the hacker claims that ‘a decade’s worth of data from the company’ has been obtained, including all domain purchases, domain transfers, and unredacted website registration data that could shed light on individuals and groups behind extremist or hate sites.”

Trapt’s most recent album, last year’s Shadow Work, sold 600 copies in its first week of releaseSputnik Music wrote that the album “isn’t even banal, generic post-grunge—this is actually close to Blood on the Dance Floor levels of shit,” Dead Press called it “even worse than you could imagine,” and The Soundboard asserted that “Trapt couldn’t come across as more irrelevant and out of touch if they tried.” You can stream the album below.


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