Enlarge Venom: Let There Be Carnage is in theaters this week.

Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis Play “Symbiote or Death Metal Band?”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Are people stoked for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which comes out this Friday? I mean, Venom wasn’t very good. And even in the comics, Venom (and Carnage for that matter) is basically a cool design in search of an interesting character. On the other hand, Andy Serkis didn’t direct the first Venom. On the other other hand, Andy Serkis is famous for being Gollum, not for directing.

I guess we’ll know this movie sucks in a few days! In the meantime, Serkis and star/producer/co-writer Tom Hardy are out there hittin’ the promotional circuit, and IGN thought up a fun little game for them to play: “Symbiote or Death Metal Band?”

The video managed to snag the attention of Venom Prison, who wrote on social media:

“Yo Tom Hardy next time you’re in the area (preferably Barry Island) give me a shout & we’ll get some chips. IGN shout out for the mention/let Tom know about the chips.”

So I guess we’ll see if that ever happens.

Watch the video below.

(For the non-nerds… symbiotes are these alien goop things that attach to people and turn them into big monsters. The monsters all have scary names that could be, or in many cases already are, band names — Venom, Carnage, Riot, Toxin, etc. So that’s the joke here. Thanks for sticking around/continuing to put up with the rest of us.)

[via The PRP]

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