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Russian Circles Receive Massive Outpouring of Support After Gear Theft and Show Postponements


Russian Circles suffered a one-two punch of devastating blows in recent days, having first had tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear stolen from their trailer after the second of five massive shows with System of a Down and Korn, and now having the final two shows on that run postponed to 2022 due to Serj Tankian testing positive for Covid-19 (resulting in even further economic losses). It’s hard to imagine how anything could’ve gone worse for Russian Circles, as deserving a band of talented and swell fellas as exists anywhere, during the single biggest opportunity of their career. Making matters even worse, Russian Circles had already been forced to cancel a planned European tour, sinking them into debt before the System of a Down ordeal even began.

But when the metal community comes together to support its own, it comes together BIG. And the support for Russian Circles following their string of bad luck has been absolutely tremendous.

The band’s manager, Cathy Pellow, reluctantly launched a GoFundMe last night (Thursday, October 21) to help the band recoup some of what they’ve lost. Within one hour, the campaign reached an astounding $17,000… by the time most folks in the U.S. were in bed last night it was up to $40,000… and as of press time this morning it sits at more than $61,000, and keeps growing by the minute every time I hit “refresh.” Incredible!

No, $60,000 won’t track down those stolen instruments, many of which were likely rare, cherished and sentimental items (although I remain optimistic they’ll get some of that stuff back eventually). And it may not even pull them fully out of the financial hole they’re currently in. But it sure must feel great knowing they won’t be on the hook for all of those losses and can at least afford to buy new gear without going even further into debt. It restores some dignity and hope during a time where there’s likely little of either.

High-fives to all those who donated! Incredible work, metal community.

Here’s the GoFundMe mission statement from Pellow:

“Russian Circles are one of the most hardworking bands I’ve met. As their manager it has been so hard to watch them suffer back-to-back financial losses because of this pandemic – first with a full European tour cancellation that left them deeply in debt and now having all their gear stolen while out in California for their first shows back in two years. We then found out our insurance had lapsed and none of it would be covered. If that was not enough today we got the final blow of having both of their Los Angeles shows be cancelled the day before, due to circumstances completely beyond our control.

“We really hoped that the stolen gear would somehow be found so that we would not have had to ask for so much help. We still have had no leads and getting any of it back seems unlikely. Now, the loss of the income and merch sales from these two big shows is leaving them with just too many unrecoupable expenses for me not to ask our music loving community to help them .

“Please know, it is only in the most extreme of circumstances that we would ever ask for this.

“A huge thank you to a few of the gear companies that did reach out and did replace a few items. As well as the friends / musicians that offered loaners for them to use. Your kindness was so appreciated.

“With eternal love and thanks to all that help us spread the word and or who can contribute.”

If you’d like to help out Russian Circles, know that even at this juncture with the GoFundMe goal reached, your donations will still be going towards a wortwhile cause. You can do so here.

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