Enlarge The German metal royalty are preparing their 19th studio album for release in February.

Scorpions Unveil New Single, “Peacemaker”

Scorpions Unveil New Single, “Peacemaker”

How about some new music from Scorpions? Why the hell not! Whether you love Scorpions or not, it can’t be said that the German metal warriors ever suffered through a drastic drop in the quality of their output throughout their 50-year career.

Scorpions are now readying their 19th (!) album, Rock Believer, set for release in February 2022, and they’ve just unveiled its first single, “Peacemaker.”

And, look: it rocks! There aren’t any surprises from Scorpions, nor would one expect any. But what we DO expect are solid riffs, good hooks and Klaus Meine’s unmistakable voice… and the band delivers on all fronts.

Meine, who wrote the lyrics to the song (music courtesy of Rudolf Schenker and Pawel Maciwoda), explained of “Peacemaker:”

“The first thing that came to my mind was the hook line. ‘Peacemaker, peacemaker / Bury the undertaker.’ I was just playing around with those words. At a time when so many people have died and are still dying of COVID, from devastating wars and other senseless crimes, it makes you feel that the undertaker must be working overtime. In a peaceful world after the pandemic, it will be time for the peacemaker to rule… that’s an image that really appeals to me.”

Check out “Peacemaker” below. Rock Believer comes out on February 25, 2022 via Spinefarm.

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