Free Spins Guidance: Tips and Tricks


Free spins are essentially the same as bonuses you’d get with the regular Australian no deposit bonus codes. They’re a promotional offer where the casinos give you some money (or free spins) and let you keep what you win to play their games with no risk of losing your own cash or bankroll. The reason they’re preferable is that free spins usually come with little-to-no wagering requirements, so you get £20 free play and it has an X30 wagering requirement until you’ve wagered £600 on their slots. This equates to at least an hour’s worth of playing time, sometimes even longer when bonus rounds or multipliers come into effect.

Free Spins Guidance: Tips and Tricks

How Can I Be Sure To Receive Free Spins?

Many casinos will offer players sign-up bonuses which you receive on your first deposit, but some also include free spins as part of new player promos. They typically rotate their promotions, so check back regularly to increase the likelihood of receiving the best offers.

The good news is that different websites often use similar marketing strategies. By identifying these patterns and acting accordingly, you can predict what’s coming up next. Do note that if they haven’t announced any new promotions for this month, your safest bet would be to claim smaller offers included in existing packages of other operators. That way, at least you benefit from a bonus without having to wait too long.

How to Get Your Free Spins: Tips and Tricks

Getting the free spins may seem like the most daunting prospect, but it’s actually pretty simple. Here are five clever tricks you can use to win free spins.

Look out for special offers and exclusive deals

Many casinos love to run competitions where they offer a prize of free spins across their games. A lot of them are only available on specific days, so you’ll need to check in daily if possible or keep an eye on social media pages for announcements. Promotions that award players with extra spins are commonplace, whether via email promotions or through their Facebook pages, making it easier to claim further rewards from different sites.

Loyalty programs mean you get something every day 

You’ve probably been tempted by one of these before, such as a free spin on your favorite slot each day while you’re a member. It’s undoubtedly impressive, and many casinos will reward players who remain loyal to their brand. It also makes you feel like the casino values your business even if it is something as simple as a free spin on Starburst.

VIP programs are worth considering

In addition to all the other bonuses around, at some providers you can gain loads of benefits that come with each tier until you become a high-roller VIP. For example, most operators give higher/more rewards for playing particular games (like jackpot slots). They do this because there’s more risk involved — expecting more significant losses over time — and they know those types of players have larger budgets for playing. So if you want the casino to value your business more, a great tip is to select games with bigger jackpots or progressive pots. That way, they’ll give you more money back in the future with loyalty points and promotions.

Check for new slot releases

Casinos will frequently promote new online slots through their social media pages and email blasts, especially if it’s one that people love playing. Also, since most video slots are available on multiple sites these days, it shouldn’t be hard to find a giveaway or competition giving away free spins on a certain number of them each day, so keep an eye open for when these happen.

Look at different casinos in a similar niche

Since there are loads of different ways to get free spins, you should always check out what other casinos in your niche are offering players. You can even access their terms and conditions to see how the free spin process works, so there’s no mystery surrounding it. This way, you’ll know exactly when new bonuses are available and whether you’re eligible for them or not.

How Can I Make the Most of My Free Spins?

For most gamblers the goal is to win as much money as possible, so when you’re playing slots your focus should be on getting the biggest possible win (obviously!). The good news is that there are several ways to take advantage of free spins and increase their value. Here are a few straightforward ways to make the most of your free spins.

Choose your slot wisely

Some online slots pay out bigger wins than others, so it’s essential to consider this when deciding which game will help you reap the most benefits from your free spins. Since many games offer players a choice between different reels or lines, look closely at these options. Some providers give players more options for profiting with 1 to 10 paylines whereas others offer up to 243 with no additional wagers but will substantially decrease chances of winning big.

Take advantage of any additional features

If the game you’re considering playing offers players any sort of additional features, choose it. Free spins are fantastic, but there are many other ways to turn one gamble into a big payout so look at multiple options if possible. For example, if the slot has a bonus round, take part in it for an even better chance of hitting something big. It’s also wise to put higher bets on the table because that will increase your chances too, just remember to stick within your budget.

Always double-check the specific wagering requirements

It seems simple, but you would be surprised how many people forget about this or don’t know what they are. Wagering requirements are essentially how many times you’ll need to play through your bonus (on specific types of games) before it can become available in your cash balance, and it varies significantly between different casinos. Some will allow for instant withdrawals while others may only let you withdraw after you’ve wagered 40x or 50x your deposit amount. This is an important step that most people miss which ultimately means they don’t realize they’re not eligible to withdraw when they first try.

The Bottom Line: Gamble Responsibly

There are many different ways to take advantage of bonus spins, and every single one is entirely legal. If you want to make the most of your gambling experience, remember to use this information wisely.


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