Enlarge Scantlin has a long history of ending shows early.

Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Decides Venue Lights Are Too Bright, Walks Off Stage Mid-Show

  • Axl Rosenberg

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has a long, long, long history of behaving, er, strangely. And a substantial chunk of that long, long, long history involves him ending shows early. Like, Axl Rose ain’t got shit on this dude:

  • 2014: Scantlin, reportedly pissed that fans at a Dallas show were calling him out for lip-syncing, flipped off the audience and threw his mic into the crowd, resulting in at least one concertgoer being injured.
  • 2015: Scantlin is reportedly booed off the stage, again for allegedly lip-syncing.
  • 2016: During a show at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, OH, Scantlin stopped the band mid-song and went on a semi-intelligible rant claiming that a concert-goer had stolen his house. Then he put on his jacket and left.
  • 2016 (Again): During a show in Doncaster, the rest of the band abandoned Scantlin onstage halfway through their set after he started going on another wasted rant about how people stole his house and money. Scantlin was left sitting onstage and snapping his fingers while nu-metal blared in the background.
  • 2016 (Again (Again)): Scantlin is arrested mid-show in Hermosa Beach, CA.
  • 2017: Scantlin stops a performance to berate his drummer before exiting the stage.

Despite this proclivity for giving the fans what they didn’t want, Scantlin’s 2018 visit to rehab seemed to have ended this terrible habit, and we were able to go back to concentrating on other aspects of Scantlin’s career, like how untalented he is.

But old habits die hard, I guess. So during a show at the EPIC Event Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin this past Saturday, November 20, Scantlin threw fit and stormed off the stage because… the venue’s lights were too bright.

Fan-filmed video from the concert shows Scantlin shielding his eyes from the lights while singing, before going on a rant at the conclusion of the song:

 “I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show. Now I can see all you people. But if you guys were standing up here where I’m at right now, it’s like a fucking flashlight blinking in your fucking head, and I don’t think that’s fucking cool, really.”

He then decided to emphasize that he doesn’t that’s fucking cool, really, directly to the venue’s in-house light tech:

“Sounds like a fucking motherfucking idiot to me. Fuck you, motherfucker. Out of nowhere, here’s another fucking douchebag fuck. I’ve got a flashlight too, motherfucker.”

Scantlin then appeared to search his pocket for a flashlight before coming up empty. Subsequently, he tried to perform another song before finally making a show of unplugging his guitar, turning off his amp, and leaving the stage. The rest of the band kept playing for awhile, suggesting this was an impromptu decision on Scantlin’s part (as if there were any doubt).

I recognize it’s gauche to speculate whether or not Scantlin has fallen off the wagon, but… Scantlin certainly doesn’t sound sober in the video. And while I may hate this guy’s music, I don’t want him to die. So if he is drinking and/or using again, I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs STAT.

You can watch the video of this latest incident below. The band’s next show is scheduled to take place in Jacksonville, NC on March 4.


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