Enlarge The guitarist erroneously claims Trump rallies were "the first time in the history of global politics" that so many supporters have turned out for a candidate.

Master Politician Ted Nugent Unfamiliar with Large Political Rallies

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ted Nugent celebrated the one-year anniversary of last January’s failed coup d’état by going online and regurgitating a bunch of disproven horseshit about how the Capitol rioters weren’t MAGA folk but BLM and Antifa.

Given that we live in two separate realities now, I know that if you already believe the things Ted believes, you’re a lost cause. There’s nothing I can say to sway you.

But I can continue to point out that Ted Nugent is a complete moron.

So I’m going to do that.

In the course of his latest pro-Trump, anti-reality rant, Nugent made this extremely dubious claim:

“[There were] unprecedented rallies throughout the campaign for President Trump. For the first time in the history of humankind, tens of thousands — I was there; I was there at the Trump rallies — ten, twenty, thirty, forty thousand people chanting for the first time in the history of politics globally, ‘We love you. We love you.’”

No Trump campaign rally has ever had 40,000 attendees. But let’s forget that for now. Let’s pretend that Nugent’s figures are accurate. Because even if that were the case, asserting that this was “the first time in the history of global politics” that a leader has racked up those kinds of numbers is deeply, deeply stupid.

For one thing, given how much The Nuge loves talking about the Nazis, you’d think he’d be aware of the so-called “Rally of Unity and Strength,” which was held over the course of five days in September of 1934 in Nuremberg, Germany. That rally drew 700,000 people. Even split over five days, that’s more per day than 40,000.

But okay okay okay, forget the Nazis, they’re such a cliché.

On May 9, 1936, Mussolini drew a crowd of 400,000 supporters to the Piazza Venezia in Rome (a photo from that event was the basis for the image at the top of this post).

In 2018, North Korea held an anti-U.S. rally with 100,000+ attendees.

“But those are all dictators,” you say. “A lot of those people who went to those rallies were probably made to go to those rallies.”

Okay. That’s not true in all of the above instances, but it’s definitely true in some of ’em. So let’s look like a politician who isn’t a dictator —

In 2008, just a couple of weeks before he was elected to his first term in office, nearly 150,000 supporters showed up to a Barack Obama rally in Denver, CO.

Point being, this was “the first time in the history of global politics” that people have shown up to political rallies in such large numbers the same way Ted Nugent is “the first guitarist in the history of global music.”

Still, I don’t know that Ted is being disingenuous — which is to say, I believe that he believes his claim. I mean, to a dude who headlines supermarkets, a crowd at a Trump rally probably does seem like an “unprecedented” number of people, y’know?


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