Ted Nugent is Now Actively Trying to Kill His Fans

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dumbshit MVP Ted Nugent performed a maskless, indoor concert three days after he started experiencing “flu-like symptoms.” Those symptoms, of course, turned out to be the result of COVID-19.

The Naples Daily News reports that Nugent played at Oakes Farms – Seed to Table Market in Naples, Florida on April 12. That establishment’s owner, Alfie Oakes, is reportedly a friend of Nugent’s. In the past, Oakes has called the pandemic a hoax, made fun of people who wear face masks (“Customers can wear a full bodysuit, and if you’re afraid of bumping your head, wear a football helmet”), and encouraged other local business owners to “take a stand” against lockdowns.

Video from the performance shows that in-between songs, Nugent — who recently wondered aloud why COVIDs 1-18 didn’t cause mass shutdowns — took time out to tell the crowd that Blue states are full of “feces, and needles, and high crime, and homeless dirtbags.”

On April 19, Nugent revealed that after having “flu-like symptoms” for ten days, he tested positive for COVID-19. Although I assume any second now he’s gonna try and deny the whole “ten days” thing, that would mean he was already feeling sick when he went out in public and performed on April 12.

Something to keep in mind if Teddy ever again claims he cares about his fans.

And yes, on the one hand, the idea of Nugent performing in a supermarket is pretty funny.

Less funny, though, is that he performed maskless, potentially shook some hands (probably even Oakes’!), and then, I dunno, probably walked around the store and licked all the food for good measure.

To date, the coronavirus has killed 577,000 Americans. 35,267 of those death occurred in Florida, and close to 600 specifically occurred in Collier County, where the market is located.

Despite admitting that he has “never been so scared in all my life” as when he had COVID-19, and that “I didn’t think I was gonna make it,” Nugent has remained anti-vaxx, presumably because those stupid hats he wears are cutting off circulation to his brain.

Nugent has been on a roll lately: in addition to all this pandemic insanity, he recently argued that the seditious pro-Trump riot at the Capitol was led by BLM and antifa protestors posing as Trump supporters, and claimed that the Democratic party is a “Satanic cult.”

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