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Zakk Wylde Announces His First Podcast, Gives It a Really Silly Name


These days, if you’re a major metal frontman, it’s important that you have a podcast. Without a podcast, no one will know your donkey-brained opinions about music and politics, or who you’re good enough friends with to have on your show multiple times. Now, another one of metal’s most famous frontmen has bitten the bullet and gotten behind the mic in a tiny room of his house: Ozzy guitarist and Black Label Society mainman Zakk Wylde.

On his new podcast The Wylde Goose Show, Zakk and Black Label Society bassist John “JD” DeServio, AKA Goose, will —

I’m sorry, but why in the Hell did Zakk give it this name? I mean, I get that a dude who calls himself ‘Goose’ is involved, but it just makes me think of Zakk either chasing or cooking a goose. The goose is nature’s doofiest bird, a delicious joke that shits all over your lawn. Why in the fuck would you involve geese in anything?

Meanwhile, switching out a single word of a common phrase automatically makes the title confusing. Like, we originally wrote that the podcast was called The Wylde Goose Chase, which had to be corrected… because it starts with the phrase ‘wild goose,’ which automatically takes our mind to ‘chase,’ because ‘wild goose chase’ is a common turn of phrase. We’re going to end up accidentally calling it that forever now.

That said, maybe the podcast’s official description will help. According to Zakk, via the show’s press release:

“This is a podcast with no nutritional value.  It’s just the two of us shooting the shit and waxing poetically about nothing. We want to create an environment that makes listeners feel that they’re hanging with us backstage before a gig or on the tour bus on the way to the show.  Goose and I love going off on whatever, and this is a great platform to share what it’s like to just hang with us and our friends.” 

Welp, there you have it. I guess the ‘Goose’ title was part of the lack of nutritional value. Then again, I feel like geese are pretty nutritious. You can get a lot of fucking schmaltz off of a goose, and that turns anything into broth!

Anyway, the first episode of Zakk’s Silly Goose Show premieres tomorrow, 2/1, at 4pm EST.

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