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Ted Nugent: “[Putin] Has to Respond…Ukraine Is Not an Innocent Player Here”


Recently, we wrote about how Staind frontman Aaron Lewis told an audience that we should be listening to what megalomaniacal Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is saying. The basic idea is that Putin is actually fighting a Deep State stronghold in Ukraine whose goal is to harm Donald Trump more than the former president already harmed himself by inciting a murderous riot that attacked the Capitol Building. Now, Ted Nugent, a man who somehow looks like a political scientist next to Lewis, has weighed in similarly, claiming that Putin HAD to take Ukraine because of NATO.

Here’s what Ted said on his most recent POV rant, as transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“I would like to think that Putin, the murderous punk that he is, the tyrannical monster that he is, historically has to have the same security on his borders [as I do on my personal property], and when the NATO countries threaten to be right on his doorstep, he has to respond.

“Let me put it in simple terms. I spoke to some real heroes, boots on the ground in the Ukraine,” Ted continued. “Ukraine is not an innocent player here. Putin is clearly a guilty player here.

“So, our prayers are with those poor families in the Ukraine who just wanted to have a semblance of quality of life and justice and good will and decency, who are now escaping with the clothes on their back to Poland and elsewhere, NATO members.

“I don’t trust NATO, I don’t trust Putin, I don’t trust [Ukrainian president Volodymyr] Zelensky, and I sure as hell don’t trust [U.S. president] Joe Biden or the Department Of Defense,” Nugent added. “The whole hellraising about the military industrial complex I dismissed for many years; now it cannot be dismissed. These monsters are playing their games to enrich their inner core, and that’s the real horror that’s unfolding before our very eyes because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.”

On the one hand, the Nuge doesn’t go so far as Aaron Lewis to say that we should be listening to Putin. On the other hand, he’s still doing some mental and moral acrobatics to justify the invasion of Ukraine. Well, it sucks that children are being murdered in front of their parents’ eyes while they cower in basements…but what was Russia supposed to do? The New World Order came a-barking, he HAD to kill those kids! What a fucking asshole.

You can watch Ted’s elaborate justification below:

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