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Creed’s Scott Stapp and Stryper’s Michael Sweet Space-Dock on Twitter

  • Phil Boozeman

I wanted to make my lead for this story just a puking sound, but I was told that would be unprofessional and would count as my verbal warning for the day. Instead, I guess I’ll tell you that Creed’s Scott Stapp credited Stryper’s Michael Sweet with taking him higher and for putting him on “the path of God.”

You can throw up now if you need to. There we go, get it all out.

It all started Sunday night (March 27, and doesn’t it always), when Sweet posted a photo of Stapp on Instagram with the following caption, thanking him for bringing heavy guitars with inspiring lyrics back from their own prison:

“When music was changing so dramatically & drastically in the 90’s, it was difficult sometimes for me to relate to many bands from that era. @officialcreedpage came along and changed that for me personally. They brought back (IMO) heavy guitars mixed with great melodies and most importantly, inspiring lyrics that changed lives and hearts. There was real value there. That’s what matters. Substance. I was always a fan and will always be.

“I’m proud to see Scott doing so well and still releasing powerful and meaningful music.

“God bless you Scott and all that you do”.

Stapp responded with arms wide open on Twitter:

“Brother…this means so much to me. You have inspired and influenced me on so many levels you have no idea. Thank you for your ‘powerful and meaningful’ music that helped shape me, encourage me, comfort me, and inspire me.

“Without you and @stryper I can honestly say I would not have followed the path God had for me. You were HIS voice to my heart. You are a LEGEND and I am humbled that you even know who I am. God bless you and your family my friend.

“I am in such awe that someone I admired and STILL admire so much, whose words and voice impacted my heart so deeply, shared this about me and the music I have been blessed to be apart of creating. Thank you & love you brother”.

Guys, just fuck already. This entire conversation can be boiled down to Stapp saying “Bro, no way,” and Sweet saying “Dude, Yahweh.” It’s pretty normal for musicians to thank and hype one each up on social media, but this particular exchange is a full circle jerk and something that probably could have been an email. I mean, it isn’t wrong to talk about your faith or be proud of it. But this is industrial-grade cringe, and Stapp’s quote reads like an exasperated Hulk Hogan with one last breath pretending to be a priest.

Creed and Stryper are opening for Faith +1 on tour this summer except no they’re not because I obviously just made that up. You can view the conversation in its curdling original format below:

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