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Video Premiere: Detachment Shower In Blood and Chaos In “BackBreaker”


There’s something about Long Island that brings out a spiciness in punks and hardcore kids, Detachment being a prime example of that. If you’re looking for sternum-kicking riffs and screamed vocals, well, sure, these guys have them in spades. But it’s more that the band bring a sense of on-a-dime unpredictability and a highly-energized momentum that makes them especially interesting. Lots of bands are loud and heavy, but few feel volatile, which is what Detachment show up with.

“BackBreaker,” the band’s new single off of their upcoming album, has this sense of agitation from the get-go. The song has a big clean-ish-vocal’ed singalong performance, but that feels like part of its all-over-the-place vibe as much as the verses’ spasms and blasts. The video, meanwhile, shows the band being baptized in what’s either blood or wine, as part of a larger narrative about sticking it to your abusive old man. It’s a nice, contained, well-shot video for a song that sounds like it keeps putting its elbow through a wall.

Says vocalist Rob Folan:

“This song, ‘Back Breaker,’ is a journey from full on anger and aggression in the verses to the more sensible and serene chorus. Either a blend or a juxtaposition of modern metal and old school hardcore. This song demonstrates different pieces that compose the totality of Detachment. This song is more than anything about self respect, not carrying the weight of other’s expectations. and self improvement and realization,”

Check out our premiere of Detachment’s “BackBreaker” video below:

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