Check Out Ferociously Stoned, an Incredible Stoner/Sludge Tribute to Motörhead


It’s easy to understand why someone might stop associating Motörhead with weed. The band were so vehemently loyal to brown liquor and powdered pick-me-up that smoking a fatty and letting the room go a little rubbery doesn’t always jive with guys who wrote “Riding With The Driver.” That said, Motörhead were always the dirtbag of the NWOBHM crowd, the snarling damage case who was down with anything except legality, and weed will always enjoy and embrace such an identity. Now, a collection of bands have put together a tribute to Lemmy and Co. that does justice to Motörhead’s sticky-fingered origins.

The album’s called Ferociously Stoned, after a lyrics from the song “Iron Horse/Born to Lose,” and was produced by Kansas City-based indie label The Company. The record dropped on 4/20 of last year, but continues to be one of our heavy-rotation discs. Maybe it’s because the bands thereon don’t try to match Lemmy’s rabidity and speed, but instead use slower, filthier moments to reflect the everyman’s bummer at the core of Motörhead’s music. Plus, the record has a baked version of the Motörhead Warpig on the front, and features a band named ‘Hossferatu,’ and those are things we are fucking here for.

Check out Ferociously Stoned below and give your 4/20 an unexpected yet desperately-needed injection of every scumbag stoner’s patron saint: Lemmy Kilmister.

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