Conjurer Drop New Single “Rot” Via Tool-Esque Music Video


Last month, UK sludge crew Conjurer revealed details for their new album Pathos, along with the first single from the record, “It Dwells.” Both song and its video were singularly unpleasant, illustrating how Conjurer plan on maintaining the brand they developed with 2018’s stupendous Mire. Now, the band have released another single, this one called “Rot,” and spoiler, it is also aggressively dark and jarring.

If there’s a word that comes to mind witnessing Conjurer’s “Rot” video, it’s ‘Tool.’ The track itself still brandishes the band’s patented mixture of heavy low-end and pained disharmony, and uses it to great effect. It’s a rad song, and one that the band should be proud of. But the video is straight-up ’90s Tool, with heaping doses of water damage, light through slats, fish-eye lens camera work, and people shivering on the floor. Toss in some questionably-human faces and the drummer somehow fitting into a tenement bathroom, and you’ve got yourself a dream of MTV after hours in 1996. The upside of this is that it might mean that Conjurer is our generation’s Tool, which would be rad, but also kind of telling (and God help future generations).

Say the band of the track and video:

“‘Rot’ looks at the same topics of anxiety, fear, and depression that feature in It Dwells and flips the perspective/narrative. We wanted to hone in on the most visceral and disgusting parts of our sound when we were writing it and, along with the lyrics, play with the idea of giving that fear and dread a voice. (It’s not very nice.)”

Check out the video below.  Conjurer’s Páthos comes out July 1st from Nuclear Blast and is available for preorder.

Conjurer’s Páthos:

1. It Dwells
2. Rot
3. All You Will Remember
4. Basilisk
5. Those Years, Condemned 
6. Suffer Alone 
7. In Your Wake
8. Cracks In The Pyre

Conjurer Drop New Single “Rot” Via Tool-Esque Music Video
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