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Psycroptic Announce New Album with Origin’s Jason Keyser on Vocals, Drop Punchy First Single


It’s been a hot second since we heard from Australian death metallers Psycroptic; our last news about them was when they released their two-song The Watcher of All EP in November of the dreaded 2020. But now, the band are back with a new album and a crunchy-ass first single to boot. and by “crunchy,” we mean how your teeth would sound in an ice grinder.

Psycroptic’s new album will be called Divine Counsel, and will hit shelves on August 5th. The album is available for pre-save and preorder; you can check out full details below. It should be noted that one of the two tracks on their 2020 EP, “A Fragile Existence,” is on this record. Oh, also, Origin frontman Jason Keyser provides all the vocals.

The band’s first single from the record, “Rend Asunder,” is extremely hard-hitting and right-angled. Those who like their death metal with a big, chocolatey back end (woof, there but for the grace of God go I) might be a little put off by just how snappy and rackety this number is. That said, if you’re here for the full-on technical death metal side of things, you’ll love the crap out of this.

According to the band:

“‘Rend Asunder’ is a little bit of a different style of track for us – stripped back and streamlined, but it still has the Psycroptic sound. It’s straight to the point – fast, catchy and hard hitting from the outset. We think people will dig it from the first listen. We can’t wait to play it live, it will definitely be in the set for our upcoming tours.”

Check out “Rend Asunder” below, and then scroll down for the full details of Divine Counsel.

Psycroptic’s Divine Counsel:

  1. Rend Asunder
  2. A Fool’s Errand
  3. This Shadowed World
  4. Enslavement
  5. Ashes of Our Empire
  6. The Prophet’s Council
  7. Awakening
  8. A Fragile Existence
  9. Exitus
Psycroptic Announce New Album with Origin’s Jason Keyser on Vocals, Drop Punchy First Single
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