As Promised, Today We’re Showcasing Underground Bands Picked By You


We get a lot of the same complaints over and over again here at MetalSucks. Plenty of them are about how we should stop covering Ghost, a lot of them are about how no one cares about Fripp and Toyah (despite their consistent ability to instantly bump up our site traffic), and some of them are about ways in which we should end our lives.

But one of the most common complaints is that we never give voice to actual underground bands. That unless you’re Metallica, Rammstein, or Slipknot, we don’t have time for you.

Discovering awesome underground bands is the part of this job I love. Sure, I’ve since become a pockmarked click junkie who dreams in lists, but what really gives me joy is stumbling across new bands — for example, since I took over in February, Hosticide, Vital Spirit, Grand Harvest, and Spiter — who I get to tell the world about. While I have to write about the big guns — they’re famous, it’s news — celebrating smaller bands is my spiritual bread and butter.

So in preparation for my birthday today, I put out the following call on our social media:

You guys delivered. And after a week or so, I picked the ten bands that got the most love.

However, there were some other guidelines I adhered to:

  • They had to be MetalSucks bands. No indie-pop duos or ambient acts or whatever. We’re showcasing metal, hardcore, hard rock or noise.
  • They can’t have been covered by MetalSucks before. Basically, if your name already exists as a tag on MetalSucks, you’re disqualified. Sorry, Necropanther and Demiricous, we fucking love you guys, but we want to give new names a chance.

So today, besides some obvious exceptions — the new Ozzy song, Shit That Comes Out Today, and any truly monumental news that comes out — we’ll be focusing entirely on showcasing the underground bands you suggested.

Stoked? You should be. Let’s get crackalackin’. Happy birthday to me.

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