The 10-Year-Old Screamer Who Covered Spiritbox on America’s Got Talent Just Dropped a Single…and It’s Pretty Heavy


Hey, remember when a 10-year-old girl went on America’s Got Talent and blew everyone’s mind with a pretty impressive screaming cover of Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller?” Well, that was either part of her promotional roll-out, or she got snapped up pretty fast, because now Harper — that’s the screamer — has announced that she’s signed a record deal, and has released a pretty heavy first single!

Harper has signed with Pale Chord in conjunction with Rise Records, and has now released the single “Falling,” which was written with the help of Shadow of Intent’s Chris Wiseman and Acres’ Ben Lumber. And as you can hear below, it’s actually pretty heavy. Like, heavier than we expected it to be. Honestly, this 10-year-old could’ve done something a whole lot cutesier and more presentable than this, and instead she basically did a death metal song, and for that, we salute her (and Wisemen and Lumber, who are definitely the right type of musicians for a project like this).

Here’s what Harper has to say:

“‘Falling’ was written shortly after my cover of Holy Roller. This was the first creative process and song writing process I’ve been a part of so it was super fun to create something I can call my own.

“Spiritbox became my favourite band as soon as I heard them and they’ve shown nothing but love and support for me since day one, they really are some of the kindest humans I’ve ever met! Getting to perform with them in London was a dream come true and a memory I will cherish and be forever grateful for.

“I am so excited to be working with Pale Chord for my debut single the label have been nothing short of amazing to me and I’m excited to make some magic with them!”

Check out “Falling” below. More word on Harper’s debut when we hear about it.

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