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Dino Cazares Doesn’t “Want to Rush Things” When It Comes to New Fear Factory and Announcing the New Vocalist


Fear Factory‘s been in a state of flux for a long time now, ever since former vocalist Burton C. Bell quit two years ago citing some “toxic drama” that ultimately led to a long and protracted legal battle.

That was then and according to guitarist Dino Cazares, who now retains full control of the legendary industrial band’s name, this is now. He’s just not going to tell you who Bell’s replacement is or when you’ll get new music.

In a recent interview with This Day in Metal, as transcribed by Blabbermouth, Cazares said he’s been getting a lot of flak from fans about the status of the band.

“A lot of people online are asking me about FEAR FACTORY: ‘When the fuck are you gonna release a song? When are you gonna announce a singer’ Blah blah blah, and all that stuff. And I’m, like, look, I’m just taking my time and I want this to be right. I’m taking my time, and it’s gonna be fucking amazing. People want me to rush things right away, and I just don’t wanna rush things. ‘Just fucking tell us who the singer is, you fuck.’ Everybody is just yelling at me, telling me things like that. And I’m, like, just be patient. Just be patient.”

It’s not like we haven’t had inklings of who Cazares has had audition for the spot, nor is it a secret at this point that they’ve already chosen their singer. Hell, we may even know their nationality. Yet Cezares says he still wants to keep things quiet until the band can make the new singer announcement and release a new song at the same time.

“I just want this to be amazing. I want the track and the singer to be announced at the same time, so everybody can be excited on the song. ‘Cause if I announce the singer right now, ‘Ah, fuck that guy.’ They haven’t even heard the guy yet and they’re gonna be talking shit. So I want them to hear it and see him — it’s a him, yes — so they can get excited about it.”

It may be a while before we finally learn what the hell is going on with that band. Until then, we’ve always got their classic catalog of music to fall back on.

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