Ozzy Says Sharon’s Being Called Racist is Like “Being Accused of [Being] a Pedophile”


Oh, boy.

During a recent interview on Good Morning America, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne talked about a whole mess of topics. From their new show to their plans to move to the U.K. because of gun violence to Ozzy’s health issues. It was a lot to tackle in the five minute clip you can watch below.

But while reflecting on Sharon’s ousting from The View last year, things seemingly went off the rails a little bit and some things were said that sound… kinda bad.

For those that don’t remember, Sharon was fired from The View after allegations came out that she had repeatedly used racists and homophobic language on set when dealing with her co-hosts off camera.

Things came to a head when she defended her friend and fucking asshole Piers Morgan from allegations that his attacks on Meghan Markle were racially motivated. Speaking to that specific situation, Sharon said she was done apologizing for what happened.

“No more saying sorry, ’cause I’m not. Cause I didn’t do anything wrong except ask questions.”

That’s oof number one. Just take the L and move on, but who am I to judge? Then came the idea that even remotely claiming her support of Morgan was racist was an unfair mark against her before saying she had “no regrets” for what was said on the show.

“Like I said on the show, ’You’ve now planted that seed. That will never leave me. You’ve planted that seed. The damage is done.”

Then came the big’un. Ozzy, who honestly looks like he should be anywhere else than in front of a camera. Maybe relaxing in the English countryside or something. He then steps in it in defense of his wife.

“When you’re accused of [being racist], by saying, ‘I’m not racist,’ it’s like being accused of [being] a pedophile. It’s one of those things now that you — by saying you’re not, they think you are more. It’s like – it’s a stigma.”

……….Ozzy. Come on now, man. There’s a difference between multiple reports that your wife said some shitty things and supported a major piece of shit than actual pedophilia, man. Why go straight to the P-word? Just……..Wow.

Anyways, you can watch the clip below, which is honestly just two old white people complaining about body aches, the shitty state of society, and why one of them can’t say shitty things anymore or they’re going to be deplatformed — even though she’s got a massive platform.

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