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Einstein Kicks Religion’s Ass in Katapult’s Latest Video “Schädel”


In German, the term “schädel” typically means “skull” or can sometimes informally mean “headache.” Which is fitting since Katapult’s third single “Schädel” beats you about the head and face with a barrage of melodic death/thrash that lasts for nearly three minutes. The term could also be used to describe the epic beat downs Einstein delivers to some of the world’s religious figures in the accompanying video below.

As the band’s third single off their forthcoming album Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes, coming out November 25 via Discouraged Records, bassist and lyricist Felix Bacher (Hektor, Britney, ex-Arcturon) said the song was a direct call out to religion and the blind faith it can create.

“Fuck religions and their stupidity! Use your minds and don’t let old, dusty books with used-up morals tell you what to believe!

“In a world where the values of humanism and secularism are more and more under assault, we feel the need to take a strong stance against religious fanaticism.”

Sung entirely in German, vocalist Johan Norström (Terrortory, ex-Starship Monolit) said the process of getting to know the song well enough to record it was a hard task.

“I have no idea what the fuck I’m singing. Schädel is a trust fall for me, so don’t screw me over, Felix! But yeah, singing in German was definitely a challenge for someone who only took one semester of German in school, and that’s what — 25 years ago? Fuck, I’m old…”

Even though I definitely feel that last sentiment from Norström, his vocals are on point. They’re raw, angry, and aggressive to the point that it’s hard to realize that he’s not a native German speaker at all. I also think having the song sung entirely in Deutsch makes a bit of thematic sense, given it’s the mother tongue of “God is dead” philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

As for the creation of this song, guitarist Florian Moritz said the idea came to him suddenly and was ultimately a surprise to the rest of the band.

“I wrote this song a week before we entered the studio and I didn’t tell anybody in the band about it except Dave, the drummer. He didn’t practice the song either and rather just went for it after listening to it two times. It was a nice surprise for the others when we told them we have an extra song, and they need to learn it fast.”

Ultimately, “Schädel” is an aural kick to the pants that tries to shake the cobwebs from society’s collective psyche. It’s a three-minute call to arms against fanaticism and it rips while doing so. These guys are definitely worth at least keeping on your radar.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes is coming out on November 25 via Discouraged Records and is available for preorder today.

Katapult, Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

  1. The End
  2. Comfortably Dumb
  3. The Hands of the Devil
  4. Sweetheart Come
  5. The Arsonist
  6. Nihilism for the Gods
  7. Litany of Spirals
  8. Invite the Sin
  9. Schädel
  10. All This Because of Greed
  11. 21th Century Gladiator Boy
  12. Bränn bilder och minnen (feat Fredrik Lindkvist)
  13. Oh God for One More Breath
Einstein Kicks Religion’s Ass in Katapult’s Latest Video “Schädel”
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