Enlarge Herman Li photo by Sven-Sebastian Sajak (Sven0705)

You Can’t Un-Hear “Through The Fire and Flames” When Played in Trombone Champ


Rhythm video games have long been a great conduit for heavy metal. Thanks to our favorite genre’s fast pace, intricate playing style, and bombastic soundtrack, it’s much more riveting to play something going a million miles an hour that gets your blood pumping than some lame ass techno jam.

So when a rhythm game called Trombone Champ came out that exclusively dealt with the brass instrument, it was only a matter of time before some joker decided that this was the appropriate moment to port Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” into it. And while I applaud their sense of humor, it seems they never stopped to ask if this was something that should be brought into the world.

You can check out the video for yourself, but I must warn you — the off-key warbling and silly trombone player on the right hand side make for an infectiously funny experience. Just be warned that once this version gets in your head, it’s not getting out.

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