Crippled Black Phoenix Release a Music Video That Should Keep Politicians Awake at Night


We all know that today’s a day for ghouls and ghosts and gourds (as in pumpkins… it’s a stretch, I know), but it’s also a wonderful day for some haunting prog metal. Thanks to Crippled Black Phoenix and their newly released music video for “Bonefire,” we get some crisp autumn air distilled into a song set to a little cult horror film.

“We gift to you a musical curse on the miserable ruling class politicians! Again, working with Guilherme was a total pleasure and a complete win. He got the vibe and the intensity spot on. Plus, he raised the bar a whole lot with production value, so what we have is basically a little cult horror film, telling the story of “Bonefire.” The ruling class getting some just karma in the flames.”

Featured on the band’s latest studio effort Banefyre, the track features an almost floaty, ethereal quality to its sound. While it’s not particularly heavy, it’s perfect for a fall night and the slow onset of winter’s chill.

As for the video, it’s perfect for anyone who regularly spouts out “eat the rich” and dreams of taking billionaires to task, as it features masked figures beating the hell out of what the band describes as a “ruling class politician.” Things get even worse for him later in the video, so you’ll have to check it out below.

You can get Crippled Black Phoenix’s latest album Banefyre today via Seasons of Mist.

Crippled Black Phoenix Release a Music Video That Should Keep Politicians Awake at Night

Crippled Black Phoenix, Banefyre

  1. Intro/Incantation For The Different
  2. Wyches And Basterdz
  3. Ghostland
  4. The Reckoning
  5. Bonefire
  6. Rose Of Jericho
  7. Blackout77
  8. Down The Rabbit Hole
  9. Everything Is Beautiful But Us
  10. The Pilgrim
  11. I’m OK, Just Not Alright
  12. The Scene Is A False Prophet
  13. No Regrets
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