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Drown Under Guts Club’s Wall of Noisy Experimental Doom with “The Gun Collector”


The last few years have been a potent breeding ground for unrest and angst in music and art. Political turmoil and a worldwide pandemic will naturally have a profound effect on artists in general, but it seems like metal and its numerous subgenres have been particularly effective. Case and point is the latest release by experimental trio Guts Club and their song “The Gun Collector.”

Bred from the darkness surrounding “the pandemic and increasing fascist rhetoric,” the band is gearing up to release their latest studio effort, CLIFFS/WALLS this coming January. As you’ll hear in the clip below, “The Gun Collector” is a noisy and droning track that pulsates to its own rhythm. Recorded in “(mostly) one take” by Nick Pope at Color Tone Studio in New Orleans, “The Gun Collector” has an almost ethereal sound quality to it that never really lets up. It’s always present, always booming, with intermittent vocals stabs bursting forth to steal control of your senses.

If you’re a fan of trippy walls of noise, this track will speak directly to you. Guts Club is set to release CLIFFS/WALLS on January 13, 2023, but you can preorder the album via Bandcamp today.


1. Cliffs/Walls
2. The Gun Collector
3. Change My Name
4. Beguiled
5. Horrifying Ghost Story 

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