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Heavy Rotation: Leather’s Leather Leone


Singer Leather Leone has enjoyed a successful career with her bands Chastain and Leather, releasing records on Shrapnel and maintaining her vocal chops even in her 60s. Though she spent the bulk of her time with Chastain, Leone fronted Leather for their one album, Shock Waves, in 1989 before the band broke up. Reactivating in 2016, they released the aptly-titled II in 2018 and We are the Chosen last week. To accompany the release of her new album, MetalSucks asked Leather Leone to tell us what’s been in her heavy rotation.

Black Sabbath

“Heaven and Hell” (Heaven and Hell)

Because to me it’s the ultimate in metal songwriting. The dynamics, the riffs and vocals from the Master himself.

Arch Enemy

“Deceiver, Deceiver” (Deceivers)

Alissa is a monster. I have heard her doing Dio covers recently. The strength and versatility of her voice is remarkable.

Lamb of God

“Grayscale” (Omens)

I am a huge fan of Randy. In all his growlness I can still hear every word he says. Unbelievable clarity and power.


“We Are the Chosen” (We Are the Chosen)

The title track of my new record to drop 11/25.  Super proud. Important message.

Led Zeppelin

“No Quarter” (Houses of the Holy)

The mystical, crafty vocal melody, and [Jimmy] Page… so much emotion.  I first heard it in high school, it never left me


“School” (Crime of the Century)

Again, this hit me in high school. The harmonica and piano blew my young mind. So haunting, just beautiful.


“Practice What You Preach” (Practice What You Preach)

Ahh, the ’80s. Always a listener of Mr. Chuck Billy… Preach!


“It’s Been Awhile” (Break the Cycle)

This song just runs through me. It’s been awhile since I wasn’t addicted.


“Circle with Me” (Eternal Blue)

Cut down the altar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my girl crush. Such a serene face and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Nailed to the Gun” (War of Words)

I literally just heard this for my first time. Just classic, tough-ass Halford

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