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Check Out “Call To Me,” the New Track from Puerto Rican Thrash Band Calamity


Metal knows no boundaries, no language barriers, no societal or religious hurdles, and that can’t be any more obvious than when we highlight bands from around the world. From Japanese nu-metal to indigenous black metal, our corner of the music world is getting larger by the day. Take this Puerto Rican thrash band, Calamity, for instance.

Born out of a love of Metallica, the group started as a cover band, but has just now released the first single to their third album, titled Lumina. The song, “Call To Me,” is a thrashy little number with an accompanying music video showcasing someone having a pretty shitty evening full of spectres, ghosts, and whatnot.

With no set release date for Lumina, the band opted to release the first single and music video anyway, giving the world a glimpse into the Caguas, Puerto Rico band. As you’ll hear below, the song rushes forward with thundering drums, crunchy riffs, and even a Kirk Hammett-esque solo. If you like your thrash a bit more on the old-school side of things, you may just enjoy Calamity.

According to the band, the track is apparently rooted in some measure of personal experience, though we’re willing to believe they took a little bit of creative freedom when making the video.

“In the past centuries, when something supernatural happened to you in real life, you would have to make a poem or a novel to portray it in an artistic way. Thank God we have video cameras these days.”

The band’s gone through the shit in recent years, having had their bassist quit and deciding to pull a Metallica and just pretend they don’t need a four-stringer at all, and then losing access to their official Facebook page, crippling their outreach efforts. Still, the band is pushing forward with the new album and the first single is absolutely worth giving a listen.

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