Dethklok to Play Two U.S. Festivals This Fall


It’s time to fire up your waver signing pen because Dethklok, the cartoon-turned-real melodic death metal band at the center of the hit Adult Swim series Metalocalypse will hit the stage at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival this September and the Aftershock Festival in October.

The shows are the first time Brandon Small’s brainchild will play live since their appearance at ta last August. Since then, we’ve come to know that Gene Hoglan was recently in the studio with Small and Bryan Beller to work on new Dethklok music, since there’s a Metalocalypse movie in the works.

Other than a couple appearances here and there, Dethklok hasn’t gone on a proper tour since they joined Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder back during the tail end of 2012. The band also hasn’t put out new music since October 2012 with their last release being Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum III.

Fans have been clamoring for new Metalocalypse ever since its cancellation in 2013. Adult Swim stood firm about its decision to axe the show, going so far as to begin prodding and making fun of anyone asking for, demanding, or inquiring about the possibility of a new season or movie. Eventually they relented in 2021, admitting that the new straight to Blu-ray/DVD release was in the works.

The new movie will remain a global straight to Blu-ray/DVD release and digital video on demand item for 90 days before it premieres on HBO Max and Adult Swim.

Who knows if they’ll have any new material lined up when they take the stage later this year? As far as most fans care though, as long as they get to hear songs like “Murmaider” and “Thunderhorse,” they’ll still be pretty stoked.

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