Lil Pump Releases The Worst “Metal” Song Of The Year


Struggling metal acts and washed up artists from the 80s, rejoice. No amount of garbage you release this year will be able to top the auditory pile of shit that rapper Lil Pump just dropped on the world. Titled “Pump Rock x Heavy Metal,” the sounds produced by the apparently prominent SoundCloud rapper can only be described as “an attempt” and “certainly something you can hear with your ears, but why would you?”

It’s just so bad. This isn’t a crusty old nearly 40-something shitting on a rap artist trying to dip their toes into our corner of the music world. You might recall I fucking loved T-Pain’s cover of “War Pigs” this past Friday. Hell, we at MetalSucks can often find ourselves enjoying a little nu-metal from time to time too. But this is a sonic mistake on so many levels.

Like seriously… The sound production is muddy and garbage. I know making it sound like a blown out speaker is a choice but Skrillex did it first and better, so why half ass it here? It just sounds like ass. Whoever produced this track for his upcoming album Lil Pump 2 needs to be fired or go back to school, because this ain’t it, guys.

And then there’s the whole bit throughout nearly the entire song about slitting wrists and it being that “heavy metal shit.” No, my guy. Just no. That’s not edgy, that’s just fucking lazy. At least throw in some mentions of Satan and hating the authorities if you wanted to tap into that 1980s Satanic panic/PMRC bullshit.

Honestly, just…. fucking… wow. Is this what non-metalheads think metal sounds like? Holy shit.

If you want to subject yourself to the torture, then hit play below, I guess…

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