Carmine Appice Challenged Nikki Sixx to a ‘Jam Off’ Because Of Course He Did


The verbal battle that’s been raging between prolific drummer Carmine Appice and Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has been a dirty one. What started as an off the cuff comment from Appice about some alleged details surrounding Mick Mars’ retirement turned into a full-fledged war of words. And things have cooled off somewhat over the last week or so, a new front in this contest is heating up.

Earlier today, Appice reached out to Ultimate Guitar’s Andrew Daly to not only give him an update on an upcoming instrumental rock album he’s doing with guitarist Fernando Perdomo, but he also laid down the gauntlet by challenging Sixx to something he’s calling a “jam off.”

“I want to respond to Nikki Sixx’s comments about me being a ‘washed-up drummer.’ I want to challenge him [Nikki Sixx] to a jam off to see who the better musician on their respective instrument is.”

So there you have it. I’m not sure what a “jam off” would entail given the fact that Appice plays drums and Sixx plays bass. Still, it would probably be worth a watch if Sixx were to accept.

Remember, this all stemmed from an interview not too long ago where Appice said Mick Mars was mad that Mötley Crüe were using pre-recorded music in their live shows.

“Basically, everything was on tape. It was all planned out and ultimately a lot of crap. And Mick is a pretty good player, so, to not let him loose and play the way he wants, that was never going to work for him.”

“The truth is that everything has been weird for a while with Mötley Crüe, and Mick didn’t like that everything was on tape. Mick told me that people that came to see it could tell that it was all pre-recorded and that everything was on tape.”

In response, Nikki Sixx took to Twitter to both call Appice a “washed up drummer” and to admonish the “bottom-feeder media” for reporting on the comment. He then later shot back at the media even further, complaining that the media was “printing BS, [making] money off of advertising” before saying Mötley Crüe wasn’t “into that clickbait game.”

As one would expect, being called “washed up” didn’t sit well with Appice, so he fired back with perhaps the hardest hitting comment of the argument, saying “at least this washed-up drummer can play his instrument well who has pioneered heavy rock drumming and can educate others around the world on his instrument!”


Anyway, we’ll keep an eye out to see if anything actually comes from this or if Nikki Sixx is going to pull the classic wrestling heel move of looking like he’s about to do something before casually backing out of the ring.

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