Play Fast or Die: Poh Hock Names the Best Shredders Under 30


Real death metal freaks might recognize the name Poh Hock as the lead guitarist for technical death metal unit Replacire. He’s also the lead guitarist in Poh Hock the band, a genre-diverse shred trio led by Hock. With a new EP, Gallimaufry, streaming everywhere, we challenged Hock to name the best shredders under the age of 30.

Spiro Dussias, 24 

Spiro is really technically proficient and a tasty guitar player. His economy picking is out of this world and his Instagram videos are always jaw dropping. He was one of the finalists for the Jared Dines’ shred contest. 

Rafael Trujillo, 28

Rafael’s playing and compositions for Obscura really shone through. His jazz background as well as his right hand technique makes for a killer combination. He’s a really clean and precise player and his compositions in Obsidious are always unique and interesting to listen to. 

Dylan Reavey, 25

Dylan Reavey has won many guitar competitions. His compositions for his solo project, Seda, are a mixture of jazz and video game music but on steroids. He’s a really creative and technically-proficient guitarist. 

Joe Lauletta, 25 

Joe is really innovative with his riff writing. They are always so delicious and never boring and his right hand technique is amazing. The few songs that he has released under his solo project, Joelaul, as well as collaborations with others are technical yet musical. 

Bastian Martinez Moya, 23

Bastian, or otherwise known as Baxty on Instagram, has licks for days and his alternate picking technique is truly out of this world. His Instagram videos are always a joy to watch and to learn from. 

Oliver Christian, 29 

Oliver fuses his Latin influences and shreds. His note choices and compositions are awesome and it won him the Strandberg competition. 

Liam Garcia, 20 

At only 20 years of age, his playing is really mature and he has fusion licks for days and his phrasing and groove is on point. It’s terrifying to imagine how he will evolve as a player over the years. 

Mateus Asato, 29 

He has so much feel in his playing but also shreds really well. His hybrid picking and technique is amazing and there’s so much to learn from his playing. Whenever you feel good about your playing, it’s a good time to watch his videos for an ego check. 

Isaac Stolzer Gary,  29 

Isaac writes really amazing riffs and has great technique. He gets really creative with adding riffs to random internet videos and his band, The World Is Quiet Here, just released a sick record called Zon

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