Watch Cursed AI Versions of Metal Icons Shill for Balenciaga


We live in the darkest timeline. That’s the only explanation for the digital blasphemy that I’ve got for you today. If you hold the likes of Lemmy, Ozzy, and Tony Iommi in high regards, then the AI-generated likenesses of them in what looks like high-fashion model poses may be too much to handle.

As you’ll see in the TikTok post below, someone used generative AI to make major figures in metal like Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield into high fashion Balenciaga models. But it didn’t stop there. They also used AI to get close replications of some of the figures’ voices. That way, instead of belting out a new song off 72 Seasons, Hetfield is talking about how “nothing else matters except my extensive collection of Balenciaga apparel.”

Other stars included in the clip below are Phil Anselmo, Rob Halford, Kerry King, Lars Ulrich, and M. Shadows. Maybe one of the most off-putting things about some of these AI renditions is how big some of their eyes look. Especially Lemmy — dude looks like he would fit in more as an anime character than an absolute titan on stage.

Apparently this meme has been going on for a while, with some people turning Harry Potter and Game of Thrones characters — even U.S. presidents — into Balenciaga models. Honestly, it would all be pretty impressive if it didn’t also remind us that pretty soon AI is going to make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not as it gets better at this kind of shit.


These Balenciaga AI memes recently have been gold lmao so I figured our lil’ corner of the internet needed one too ???? #metal #guitar #balenciaga ♬ original sound – Bradley Hall

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