Watch Knocked Loose Start a Mosh Pit at Coachella


Metalcore heavyweights Knocked Loose have enjoyed some pretty cool moments in their career thus far and they can officially add another to the list: playing at Coachella. The group performed last night, April 16, 2023, on the Sonora Stage, playing a relatively long set for the crowd, who got pretty into it.

Despite the fact that the yearly festival does not cater to fans of heavy music—regardless of the fact that a heavy band or two generally make it on to the event—attendees gave Knocked Loose a hell of a reception. Just check out this clip from “Counting Worms,” the closer to the 11-song setlist. More than a few fans knew the words and were happy to scream along when frontman Bryan Garris gave them the opportunity.

In the full livestream video (Knocked Loose starts starts at 7:18:02), fans can also be seen moshing which, again, is pretty cool when you consider the average Coachella attendee’s musical interests. In an interview prior to their performance, Garris spoke about the opportunity to perform on such a large stage.

“I feel like every year, new doors get opened for hardcore bands—and hardcore in general—to be taken to the next level. I’m a very firm believer in ‘a rising tide raises all ships,’ and it allows everybody to benefit from it. … We were also fortunate enough to play Bonnaroo this year, where the lineup’s diverse. I think that’s really cool from a fan’s perspective, because me and the people that I know, we don’t just listen to heavy music. I don’t know anyone who just listens to one specific kind of music. Everybody kind of likes everything, so when you have a festival that is as diverse as Coachella, there’s something for everybody. … We’ve definitely played festivals where it’s just metal bands from noon to 10 p.m. every single day, and it’s definitely cool, and there’s definitely a place for that, but I personally enjoy a festival that has a more diverse lineup.”

Check it out below.

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