In Tenacious D’s Latest Video, Jack Black Never Plays Video Games… Except for When He Does


From teaching us about a boy from a town called “Kickapoo” to the efficiency of “Cock Pushups,” Jack Black and Kyle Gass know what’s goin’ on. That’s why when they released a music video titled “Video Games,” this nerdy metalhead was stoked as hell. And thankfully the song and accompanying music video met my expectations.

If you’re not aware — and how could you not be — Black is a huge nerd too. He voiced the protagonist of one of the most metal video games of all time and he’s got a gaming YouTube channel as well. Dude loves his fuckin’ video games and you can tell that in this new clip.

With call outs to God of War, Fallout 4, and Rockstar’s magnum opus, Red Dead Redemption 2, the song’s a fun little jaunt through how the dude “never plays video games” about as realistically as I “didn’t eat that last slice of cake while stoned out of my mind last night, honey.”

Which is always a lie.

Paired with the fun animation style and hilarious visuals of what happens to Gass through the minute and a half long song, “Video Games” is a good time. Check it out below.

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