Rob Zombie Says He Doesn’t Like Working On Songs With a Full Band: “I Just Always Found that to Be Really Draining”


Shock rock and horror icon Rob Zombie has enjoyed plenty of success over the decades, from White Zombie to his solo career to his career making horror movies. Speaking to Howie Mandel and his daughter Jackelyn Shultz on their podcast, Zombie said that he is focused on his summer tour and completing his next album, which will be the follow up to 2021’s The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.

“I like making records over a long period of time, so that I can live with it. Sometimes you write something and it’s new and you’re all excited ’cause it’s new and the time goes by, [and you’re, like] ‘Eh, it’s just exciting ’cause it’s new. It’s not really that good.’ But if you live with stuff for a while, you kind of [get a better sense of how strong it is].”

Zombie also shared some other insights about his writing process, such as the fact that he does not write songs by jamming on ideas with a band but rather by working initially with one producer.

“Usually it starts with just me and the producer coming up with ideas, mapping out rough ideas. And then the band will start, ‘I’ve got this idea. And this idea…’ I haven’t stood in a room with a band and jammed on ideas since the early ’90s. ‘Cause I just always found that to be really draining… I like working with one guy behind the board and we formulate ideas and you piece it together — kind of like you would a movie; it’s kind of similar. As opposed to a bunch of guys jamming all day long. You’re, like, ‘Anyone got any ideas?’ ‘Not really.’”

There are two schools of thought here, and both make valid arguments. On one hand, Rob Zombie is ultimately the name and face associated with his music, so it makes sense that he would lay out the groundwork with a trusted associate before bringing it to new musicians. On the other, why wouldn’t you want to work with musicians like John 5 every step of the way?

The singer also confirmed that the album is nowhere near completion but said he hopes it could have a summer 2024 release date.

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