Metal: Hellsinger Added a Buncha Pop Music Because Of Course They Did


When it comes to video game concepts that instantly sounded metal as fuck, the concept behind Metal: Hellsinger ranks pretty high up there. I mean, you get to murder demons in Hell by shooting in time with kick ass metal tracks featuring vocals by the likes of Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Refused’s Dennis Lyxzén, and Arch Enemy’s Alyssa White-Gluz?! Sign me up!

For those that don’t know, Metal: Hellsinger is essentially a rhythm-based first-person shooter, where if you time your attacks and movements to the beat of the song playing, you’ll do extra damage. The tracks ranged from fast and blistering to slow and heavy and you had to adjust your playstyle if you wanted to be the most effective demon slayer.

But today’s announcement is decidedly not metal. In a bid to make the game more friendly to people with sensitive ears and soft sensibilities, some coked out CEO somewhere was probably like “you know what would make Metal: Hellsinger better? If we added Gorillaz to it.” And that’s what they did with the announcement of their “Essential Hits” downloadable content, which is available today for $9.99.

That’s right, you can choose to pay $10 to add such killer metal classics like:

  • Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.
  • Muse – Uprising
  • Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
  • Icona Pop – I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
  • DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami
  • Disturbed – Down With the Sickness
  • Galantis – Runaway (U & I)
  • Paramore – Misery Business

Sure, there’s Depeche Mode and of course they added Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness,” but Icona Pop’s “I Love It”? Really? Kind of a far cry from the last DLC that added tracks featuring Wil Ramos of Lorna Shore and Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia.

Of course you don’t have to buy the pack and if you don’t your game won’t be negatively affected. I just found it so fucking weird that someone somewhere thought this was a good idea. I guess enough non-metal fans must have said in some focus group somewhere that they love the game and its aesthetics, but just couldn’t get past the loud music. And as always, money talks.

You can check out the new DLC’s trailer, as well as some examples of the game running as intended down below.

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