Fascination Street Studio Founder Jens Bogren on The MetalSucks Podcast #493


On this week’s MetalSucks Podcast, we’ve got Fascination Street Studio Founder Jens Bogren on the show!

During our discussion, we chat about his and Ihsahn’s course at URM Academy “How It’s Done” available until July 12th, why he decided to put together a step by step course, and how much of the actually course was scripted. Of course, we had to have a deeper discussion about his experience in the studio, so we asked him about things like: when spending a lot of time on pre-production makes sense, what it’s like when bands enter the studio with “demo disease,” and what he feels are the most overused elements in demos. We also talked about studio tech and the considerations that go along with it, like what it takes to adapt modern technology in his studio, if he has ever lost an entire song when a hard drive crashed, what he feels can be the most tedious step in recording, and why capturing clean singing in a metal band is vital to the song when needed.

Petar and Brandon discuss Dani Filth calling “Spotify the biggest criminals in the world,” Avenged Sevenfold’s Johnny Christ stating they may make the move to single only releases, Dave Mustaine’s thoughts about the one thing that would end Megadeth, and Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider’s statement on Till Lindemann’s sexual assault allegations.

Song: Ihsahn “The Observer”
Song: Ihsahn “Contorted Monuments”
Song: Vexed “Anti-Fetish”

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