Exclusive: Ben Weinman Shares What Made The Dillinger Escape Plan So Successful in New Soundfly Lesson


Looking back at the absolutely fucking insane career that The Dillinger Escape Plan forged for itself as a unit, it’s wild to think they even became as huge as they did. Given the fact that even guitarist Ben Weinman describes their sound as “garbage cans falling down stairs,” it’s probably unbelievable to the average layperson that the band is still revered as one of the greatest of its era.

But what went into that success? Since earlier this year, Weinman has been working in collaboration with Soundfly to create a course that outlines “The Business of Uncompromising Art.” Through numerous videos and articles, Weinman shares details, anecdotes, and actionable advice to help any fledgling musician find their niche and break out among a deluge of noise.

“A lot of people ask at what point Dillinger succeeded — what was it? What was the magic juice that made it happen? And there really is no magic wand. What we realized is the second we stopped trying to please people is when it started to work.”

In today’s exclusive clip, Weinman explains exactly what made The Dillinger Escape Plan so successful. And he boils it all down to three simple concepts to keep in mind:

  • Do things for the right reason.
  • Play the same for 10 people as 10,000 people.
  • Recognize mistakes that work.

Rather than steal his thunder and explain every detail, I’ll leave it to the man himself in the video below. If you want to learn more from Weinman, or any other of the numerous artist-run classes, be sure to check out Soundfly and sign up today.

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