Disturbed Guitarist with a “Fu*k Cancel Culture” Guitar Complains “We’re So Divided, Now More Than Ever”


It’s been like this for a few years, but have you ever noticed that the dudes who scream from the rafters about “cancel culture” never shut up and never go away? It’s almost like it doesn’t exist and it’s just a strawman for “I said something you disagree with and now I get to play the victim.” One such dude is Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan, who you may recall has a “Fuck Cancel Culture” guitar that his frontman David Draiman “couldn’t be more proud” about.

It turns out that even though he’s spouted the same tired talking point on social media for a while now that far right commentators, abusive comedians, and other sketchy people, he thinks things are “so divided, now more than ever.” At least, that’s what he said during an interview with Planet Rock‘s Wyatt Wendels during last month’s Download festival (as transcribed by Blabbermouth).

“I usually am maybe more cryptic in my answers ’cause I like to leave it up for your own interpretation on how you view it. But, yeah, it’s just the divisive nature of just the state of the world and the industry and how things have been going on in America especially. It’s been quite crazy, if you’ve seen. I don’t know how the media and the news covers that over here. So it’s been a rough go. And I think… I don’t know what the hell happened. We’re so divided, now more than ever. You go on social media and everybody’s there… It’s, like, you wake up in the morning ready to start… Who can I attack today? We focus so much on our differences and the things that we dislike or disagree on or hate. And it’s just kind of… When’s it gonna be over? It’s just like one big temper tantrum from everyone.”

While I agree that the concept of “cancel culture” is bullshit, performative nonsense when it happens, I also think shitty people should be taken to task. Now, I also want to point out that as far as we know, Donegan is a decent guy. He’s not a Nazi, nor has he really said or done anything to get “canceled” over.

But it’s an interesting tact when you’re known for posting divisive content on social media and parroting the classic boomer complaint of “cancel culture” and then wonder out loud why shit’s so “divisive.”

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