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Carnation’s “Maruta” Sheds Light on a Real Life Atrocity


As a product of the American public school system, there’s a lot that I simply don’t know about what really went down in World War II. It’s a miracle I know about our country’s shitty actions in Dresden, for example. But when I heard about the inspiration behind Carnation’s latest single “Maruta,” I was floored. Yeah, the Nazis were bad and Stalin was a homicidal shitlord, but holy fuck Japan. Just… holy fuck.

Released before their third album Cursed Morality hits the shelves on November 3 via Season of Mist, their new track is a gloomy affair that highlights the Manshu Detachment 731, which they describe as “a covert research and development unit under the Imperial Japanese Army that performed lethal experiments during World War II. They referred to their test subjects as Maruta, which means ‘logs.’”

Speaking on the band’s new track, vocalist Simon Duson said “Maruta” is a devastatingly brutal offering from the band.

“Those who desire brutality, look no further ‘Maruta’ is here to crush your skull with trashy hooks, groovy beats and punishing death metal riffs!”  

This latest track is the second from the band’s upcoming album. Cursed Mortality will release on November 3 via Seasons of Mist, but you can presave your copy today, with preorders slated to start later this year.

1.Herald of Demise (04:03) feat. Andy LaRocque)
2.Maruta (04:07)
3.Metropolis (03:24)
4.Replicant (03:49)
5.Dutroux (03:48)
6.Submerged in Deafening Silence (04:26)
7.Cycle of Suffering (04:05)
8.Cursed Mortality (07:30)

Carnation’s “Maruta” Sheds Light on a Real Life Atrocity
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