David Draiman Rehearses The National Anthem for a Gig He Hasn’t Gotten


He’s had years of success as a singer but Disturbed frontman David Draiman has something else on his bucket list. In a new interview with radio station Z93, the singer discussed performing the Israeli National Anthem at Disturbed’s concert in Tel Aviv and said that he’s never had the chance to perform the United States National Anthem at an event in the United States.

“The only place that I’ve actually sung the [U.S.] national anthem in is my shower, and I’d very much like to sing it live — the United States national anthem whenever I’m gifted the opportunity to do so. I’ve been asking to do it for quite a long time. I’d love to do it… I know that I’m aiming high, and I’d love to try and sing it at the Super Bowl one day. I’d love to just do it in general. I love ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. I think it’s a beautiful, beautiful song. I’ve got a version, my own rendition of it that I’ve literally been rehearsing in my shower most of my life, and if the opportunity ever presents itself, I’ll be running to do it. I’d love to do it at something that makes sense.”

Draiman doesn’t want all that shower practice to go to waste if he can’t perform it at the Super Bowl, though, so hit him up, NFL.

“The first time I do it, I want it to be the right environment and the right setting, but I’ve never been asked. So, hey, NFL, I’m here. I’d love to do it. Let me know. And it doesn’t have to be NFL specifically. I’d do it at the right sporting event or whatever kind of event that makes sense. I love it. I’m fiercely patriotic. I love my home, I love the United States and I would love the opportunity to do it anytime anywhere.”

I’ll support Draiman’s bid to perform at the Super Bowl if it’s anything like Creed’s Thanksgiving NFL performance.

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