Oh Damn It, Now We’ve Got New Puddle of Mudd…


Just when you thought the ill-conceived nostalgia trips pining for the early 2000s couldn’t jump the shark any further, Wes Scantlin‘s here to kick down your door and force his latest attempt at re-entering the spotlight with Puddle of Mudd‘s latest single “My Baby.” But that’s not all — a new album titled Ubiquitous is also on its way.

After listening to the three minute single, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the washed up butt rock equivalent to mumble rap. Scantlin is barely comprehensible and everything just kinda feels like each part is vying to be the loudest in the mix. Couple that with the fact that Scantlin sounds like he’s trying to sing another Nirvana song at parts and it’s just bad. I just can’t imagine a professional recording engineer listening to this and thinking “yeah, that’s the stuff.”

Scantlin says fans should “expect another really catchy, hooky record from Puddle of Mudd” but I highly doubt that assertion. After hearing this new song, I don’t have a lot of high hopes for the band’s first new album in 10 years and their follow up to 2019’s Welcome to Galvania.

It’s just wild to hear this and think about those hits they put out from their first record. This new track just proves to me that this band peaked when they recorded that really cool harmonics part at the beginning of “Blurry.” Think about it; those few seconds were the pinnacle of this band’s output.

Well, here we are. There’s a new Puddle of Mudd song you can listen to below if you really want. Details on the new album’s tracklist can be found below. Ubiquitous will come out on September 8

Puddle of Mudd, Ubiquitous track listing

01. My Baby
02. Dance with Me
03. Cash & Cobain
04. Butterface
05. Candy
06. Running Out Of Time
07. Man In The Mirror
08. U Wrekd Me
09. Complication
10. California
11. Poke Out My Eyes

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