Enlarge He also doesn't like what they have in their pockets.

Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Doesn’t Like Groupies Because They Interfere With His Bedtime

  • Axl Rosenberg

Reel Talker recently asked Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin about what it’s like to be a “rock star” surrounded by “chicks” on the road, and his response, somewhat oddly, was very, very focused on getting enough sleep:

“I’ve just got this to say: when you’re on tour and you’re a singer, we’re constantly trying to rest our voices so we can perform well. And girls, man, they will keep you up, man — they will keep you up too late, too late. And whatever things they’ve got in their pockets, we don’t need that either. So, yeah, the best thing to do is just kind of stick with the wolf pack — just hang with your pack and do not veer away from safety. And just stay focused, stay the course.

“There’s nothing wrong with women, but you’ve gotta stay the course and you’ve gotta be a professional person. Or else you’ll wake up and whatever chicks, they’re keeping you up and you don’t get no sleep and then you suck at singing. And then you’re just, like, ‘Fuck, man. What have I done?’

“Ain’t nothing wrong with the ladies, but they just keep you up a little too long.”

This is answer is truly bizarre. For one thing, Scantlin sounds like he’s oversimplifying things the way one might when talking to a child (note there are no overt references to sex and drugs are alluded to only as “whatever things [women have] got in their pockets” — it’s funny to think of someone not getting this and thinking, What, their keys and wallet?).

Stranger still, though, is this very odd implication that the lack of sleep brought on by a night of partying is entirely the fault of women. One might argue that it’s just Scantlin’s phrasing that negates the fact that two people were involved in the decision not to go to bed, the same way when we say, for example, “Donuts make you fat,” we deny that we are, in fact, the ones who eat the donuts, and suggest that the donuts have total power over us.

But no! He specifically advises that men “just hang with your pack.” As if a bunch of bros have never stayed up all night partying.

Unless… maybe Scantlin never has stayed up partying with male friends? Maybe he’s never even had a real male friend! I would not have a hard time believing that.

In any case, whatever time Scantlin is going to be, it’s clearly not early enough to save his voice. Maybe he shouldn’t even be “hanging with his pack.”


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